Some years are harder than others to get into the holiday spirit.  Sometimes you need a lift from your family and friends, and sometimes you need a little bit more, like driving through a Christmas-lit neighborhood and discovering a Flying Spaghetti Monster house.  Here are a few ways to jump-start those cheery holiday feelings through the power of your fandom!

Host a nerd-oriented white elephant gift exchange

Nobody wants some stupid Aplets and Cotlets or a selfie stick, but you know what they do want?  A BB-8 winter poofball hat!  A Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra T-shirt!  Use your imagination and find something creative that your friends will actually enjoy.


You can even theme the food after your favorite series – throw a Game of Thrones feast or a Harry Potluck.

Listen to Christmas Carols

Usually nothing gets me in the Christmas zone like the music but now that you start hearing it right after Halloween it can get a little old.  Luckily there are some good ways to mix it up.  YouTuber James Covenant created a couple fun videos like Captain Picard singing Let It Snow and The Avengers singing Christmas Carols.  If those are a little too silly for your taste, try listening to this Epic Music take on a carol medley by Blakus or The Best of (Epic) Christmas Songs 2016.

Throw a yule log up on the screen

Nothing says the holidays like a roaring fire.  When you can’t do it for real, do it on your screen with Darth Vader burning in a funeral pyre for five hours.  If you want a little more action, try the Nerdist Laser Yule Log – everything is better with lasers!


What are your nerdy ideas for getting the holiday juices flowing?  Let me know below!